Obama Vs. MySpace

I don't know why I've been so politicized of late, it seems that everytime I open my mouth lately some political polemic pours forth with the requisite amount of piss and bile. This post is no exception.

The beloved co-frontrunner of the mainstream Democratic party, and media darling, Barack Obama has decided to hijack a MySpace page from its rightful creator and owner, and then commenced (or at least his campaign has) to spread rumors about the sites original creator being "in it for the money", and allegation that he denies vehemently.

Yes, this is a rather small thing, MySpace is extremely insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Yet we can learn a lot about someone by their small actions, how they treat their associates. They original guy's MySpace page represented a genuine grassroots effort, developed independently from the campaign, and only out of a genuine passion for Obama's politics. The 160,000 "friends" were genuine and organic, representing people who actually are interested of Obama, without any political manipulations or machinations. For the Obama campaign to ruthlessly seize control of this shows that they value victory over ethics, or treating people fairly. A sad statement on the morals and ethics of Obama. Victory is not, nor ever, worth stomping on the common man, especially one who devoted his time and energy to your cause with no want or expectation of re-compensation.

It also highlights how "grassroots" is now being supplanted by the IMAGE of "grassroots", leading me to be wary of anything that appears as an organic popular movement, since increasingly it only is a manipulation by some powerful entity to get its way. Increasingly there is nothing genuine in the world, everything is some manipulation trying to use us as tools. Perhaps we shouldn't stand for this.

Obama, tangent aside, has never been my favorite, he actually is in the bottom of the heap, just above Hillary, as far as democratic contestants go. But thats a story in the works, my analysis of the democratic debates. I'm slacking, I know. To many causes to write about, too little time. But if I was a fence sitter, this would throw me off that fence, and into someone else's yard. Obama is against people, and for his own power, or at least that is the image that this fiasco presents.

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(Note: I generally try to keep politics away from Non Servium to keep it in the impersonal realm of thought. But lately I've been on an activism spree, so I feel I might as well mass-publish it. Politics are a valid realm of intellectual discussion, as well, so feel free to publically disagree.)

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