Postmodern Eulogy

Jean-Paul Baudrillard died on the 7th, apparently. Its always a tragedy when one of our unique and controversial thinkers die, especially in this day and age. Baudrillard can be seen as one of the fathers of post-modern philosophy and cultural studies, and the proponent of many controversial ideas. He personally was very influential to me, even in the parts of his philosophies that I didn't (or don't want to) agree with, especially his views of the Hyper-real and simulacra which many of you have heard me rant about nearly daily. He may also be seen as one of the last of the great contemporary wave of French intellectuals which started late in the 19th century.

Agree with his avant-garde theories or not, he was an intellectual force to be reckoned with. His work will live on if by nothing else but the shear weight of controversy that surrounds it, which, indeed, is a distinction.

For more about the man please refer to the SEP article, or to the articles on his page though the European Graduate School. While his philosophy was difficult, it is engaging to read, as he tried to discuss issues important to us, things in our culture and world, a thing most academic philosophers are loath (or frightened) to do.

Another light goes out in the darkening world.

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