A Reaction to the film What The Bleep Do We Know

Alt Title: Bishop Berkeley Thou Art Avenged

The world as a neo-Berekelyian idealist philosophy, with the loose trapping of scientific misinterpretation, simplification, and nueuvo quantum mysticism, chock full of quasi-folk-scientific buzz, but utterly lacking any verification, unification, or empirical rigor. In short, the new age and disreguarded fringe philosophy (recycled), meets a bunch of scientific jargon that the average lay person does not understand, all mushed us with unsupported (therefore weak) implied premises. To be shorter, complete babble.

My fear is that someone might actually believe this pap. Please tell me that no one takes this shit seriously. I fear otherwise, big words sway the masses, appeal to "authority" (even lacking visible credentials) is a powerful technique of propaganda, and this movie is masterful in it.

Even a good cigar and double of Bushmill's on the rocks didn't keep me from screaming refutations from philosophy, physics, and psychology at my television.

More proof that the lay public needs a firm (and early education) grounding in these fields.

Ignorance leads to erroneous, and harmful, beliefs. This movie is proof of this. Spout enough babble of the modern frontier, and you can lead the masses to the modern equivalent of the "pyramid power" of the 1970's and 80's. How do they know any different lacking any knowledge, or Saganesque bullshit detector (which in fact go hand in hand)?

Remember kids, prestigious credentials does not necessarily equal validity in thought or theory. Ph'Ds can be full of shit as well as the most steadfast bible-belt evangelical.

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David said...

do you think that this movie helped expand any mystery or appreciation? couldn't it have benifited someone, somehow?

Omestes said...

Perhaps, if they already had some form of built in skepticism, or capability of philosophical thought (both learned). And enough gumption to go verify all of the pseudoscience.

Anonymous said...

What the bleep do we know anywayz?! Since the release of the movie, what the bleep do we know ... my life has totally changed. Not only have I been applying some of the science of quantum physics to create my own reality, but the whole 'science' of quantum physics is so fascinating that I decided to do some more research. I came across a website: http://www.magicaltransformations.com. The website's name, 'MagicalTransformations' not only coincides with the uniqueness of 'what the bleep', but the science that Raven Aponte delves into is right on what I only heard of in a movie a couple of short years ago. Apparently, Raven has been doing Magical Transformations for much longer! It's a great site, easy to read and navigate and it even offers a Free Consultation! Which, I just signed up for today and had the ability to sign up for my own personal, convenient time to have the consultation. Looking forward to it and I'll be back to update everyone on my experience.

Anonymous said...

Listen! Magical Transformations is a complete SCAM. The only magic anyone will experience is how fast they take your money and "CON" and I mean "CON" you into believing you're creating your reality based on some mumbo jumbo called holodynamics.
Raven should take her own good (ha! ha!) advise and transform her bipolar self and STOP preying on innocent people who are hurting and genuinely looking for answers.

Anonymous said...

Oh Brother....here we go again.
Raven has a new name for the mumbo jumbo calling it "The Quantum Tracking technique".
Oh well. Internet predators come in all shapes, sizes and SCAMS!!
Please do not waste your precious energy on this mess. If you are feeling some form of depression or just looking to course correct and make some changes in your life there are soooo many highly qualified, trained individuals available to assist you. You have a mind - please use it. To be warned is to be forearmed.

Anonymous said...

Right, highly qualified drug dealers.
Let's all drink some more whisky and smoke giant tobacco rolls so we can dull our abilities to rationally interpret convoluted data.
If you are too lazy to think boldly, dont blame the presentation style.
Oh, and new information takes a while for the masses to except. I thought that was supported, validated fact.
I guess when you are fat and drunk you forget things.