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Trying this out now, doing remote publishing with a software package (free for OS X) called Journler. First impression is that the linking in it is pretty terrible, the only way I've found to get it to link is by dragging the actual URL from Safari over to it.

I've managed to waste the whole day doing this Blog thing, and I really don't know why, now, in retrospect. Hopefully I can pull some good content from my ass without resorting to old LJ content. That would be bad. Silly.

I guess I just aquired another tool that has no purpose yet. I'm pretty good at that. My poor Mac's HD is chock full of odd utilities that serve no purpose, but have the "neat" factor. This blog this IS neat, since it gets referenced to Google, while Live Journal does not. Meaning, if I ever discover that I have something to say, people will be able to read it. Perhaps I can start by posting my stupid Photoshop tricks here.

Oh, in other news, a quick Google of my name reveals that I am more popular than my namesake. Sadly most of my popularity, it seems, comes from /., and various other forums I have posted on over the years. Nothing overly insightful, I'm afraid. Can you judge a man by his body of text? If so, I'd better get to work, I could die tomorrow (of a hangnail, of course).

And for the sake of roots, this is the snapshot (or ghost, if you want to be morbid) of the original site from which this blog was named: nonservium.org.

Any suggestions?

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*L* said...

you are very very silly andrew.