Political Correctness is a Lie.

Political correctness is a visceral reaction to stereotypes and prejudice. All stereotypes and prejudices have some grounding in reality, even as falsehoods. Political correctness spawns an instinctual turning away from stereotypes and prejudices. Meaning it makes us unable to examine the truth, or origins, behind these.

It becomes a blind acceptance to an unreasoned (to the politically correct) sense of pure equality, with no proof that said condition exists. The question here isn't whether these stereotypes are true, or whether this pure equality indeed exists, the question is one of ignorance by means of the easy (and growingly conditioned) route that the contemporary media and liberal government wants us to buy.

I acknowledge that there are certain un-politically correct (politically incorrect?) statements of truth. I also, in turn, must acknowledge that many, or even most un-politically correct statements are false. This does not mean that political correctness is warrented, even if its existence provides a normative benefit to society, it still blocks inquiry into the truth and origins of terms that go against it.

I'll leave this exploration to the reader, since some of the results might be volitile to our contemporary view of equality and justice.

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