debbie does baudrillard

For boredom I'm watching Debbie Does Dallas (Gladiator is increadably boring, btw), it almost is an anthropological study. We could watch this, and see what post-modernism has does to porn, and in the same light see what it has done to our modern version of sexuality. People look more real in this movie, sex is more... squishy. The token black guy acts very... pre-Clinton black.

The music is great though, this is what we think porn music should be. I guess the whole theme is that it is more REAL, not as simulated, as false, as idealized. The whole thing smacks of authenticity, in a very cheesy way. To the modern person, DDD sex makes one giggle. So naive.


blue semen is kinda scary! but reminicent of hentai!

A book at a bookstore cost $8.75! Damn the illiteronazis, and their damn pricings!

remember kids, raping girls in candle shops is A-okay!

Girls, NEVER trust men in white slacks, ESPECIALLY if they have grass-looking shag carpeting, and a 'fro.

Never trust your local librarian! Especially if it appears that hes reading a book on Eisenhower. Eistenhower makes people into lechers!

I really can't watch the rest of this... it is SO bad.

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*L* said...

that's fucking fantastic!!! hooray for you!!!

blue semen is scary... yet, somehow... rewarding??? no. not rewarding... reassuring? no. not at all. perhaps it's just humerous... yes. humerous.