Brief Missive on Freedom

Freedom always has a price.
If we want to be free we must, at times, suffer.
If we wish to be safe and secure, we must be controlled.
Is freedom greater than safety?

(As an aside, remember offense is a subjective, personal, choice. No statement is ever offensive on its own. We choose the interpretation of all data, there never is an inherent meaning to anything.)

(At some point in time there may be nothing worth protecting)

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Zaynab M. said...

As "hollow ppl" can we ever be free, or does freedom only linger as a desire, an internal idea that can never be reflected outwardly?

Omestes said...

In this I think I was talking of 'freedom' in a more general way. More as in Declaration of Independence freedom, than Sartre's essencial freedom, or the missing freedom of modern Anglophone materialists. Sorry, I was a bit vague.

But to accept this in the way in which you meant it; As hollow we still can display some degree of freedom, even if this world more resembles the world of Heideggers enviromental structuring (that the enviroment sets up that which is possible, and stuctures our very being itself) than the world of unreconcilable freedom of Sartre. This is due to the fact that we can be authentic as ourselves if we throw off the the image game, and move towards who we actually are at the core. To do this one must realize that they are playing the image game, and recognize the process, only then can it be shaped, and (the path to authenticity) ignored. To be brief, the path to freedom lies in choosing and recognizing freedom. You must create it.

The game will still be there, it always is, but you can be free within the scope of it, though it will always structure the world.